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The need for well-produced product is at the highest level the visual entertainment (Motion Picture, TV, Digital) industry has ever seen. 

The number of streaming outlets and platforms are expanding at a dizzying rate. This combined with the current pandemic, shutting down production until recently, is forcing an overwhelming depletion of many existing content libraries. Because of the dwindling content supply, to satisfy consumers, a large demand has been created for new content and will exist for some time to come. 

The Filmmakers are creating an entity which seeks to secure investors for a slate of three motion pictures. The principle filmmakers attached to these projects are Dennis T. Benatar, Joel Hatch and Jim Bratkowsky. Collectively they possess over hundred years of experience in every facet of the production of motion pictures from concept to distribution. The Filmmakers are familiar with all traditional and current production processes (Film, Digital, Conventional and 3D) and are well versed in supply chain trends used by industry end-users.

The projects chosen fit certain criteria:
1)They are comparatively low budget. 
2)They are each, proven profitable concepts within their genres. 
3)Each project has a clear chain of title with all rights optioned for film production by at least one of the principles. 
4)All the filmmakers attached have a vested interest in seeing each project come to fruition, both as projects of quality and profitability.  

The filmmakers have carefully considered choosing this packaged slate of three movies and their respective storytelling techniques. 

A mix of classic, neo-classic and contemporary devices are interwoven to relay to an audience time-tested plot architecture along with the more avant-garde ways to put across cinematic ideas for a diminishing attention span.

We believe the movie-going experience should be fun, exciting and above all satisfying.

With over a century of combined experience from the primary producers we have several words of wisdom to bestow: 
It is show business, not show art.
Thou shall not bore.
Don’t lose your audience.