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Sync or Swim
Screenplay by: M.O. Green, Edward Robin and Jim Bratkowsky

A self-absorbed young woman routinely exploits her position of privilege, but when she's plunged into a strange adventure outside of her comfort zone, she must embrace the lessons life is trying to teach her or continue down the path of a shallow existence. 

Wrestling with Angels
Screenplay by: Vicki B. Rocco

It’s the holidays, The Prodigal daughter returns home because of the untimely deaths of her parents. There, she is confronted by old wounds and a daunting task to complete for her mother’s memory. Her journey brings her through strife, revelations, reconciliations, new, unexpected relationships and the realization that there really is no place like home.

Hometown Hollywood 
Screenplay by: William Joel Hatch

When an innocent country boy is intentionally misled to believe that he has inherited controlling interest in a failing Movie Studio, he must quickly learn everything about the film business while the Sr. VP secretly plots against him, but by using his common sense and country charm, he makes the company highly profitable and comedically foils the sinister Sr. VP’s plans to steal control of the studio.